Tips For Finding Cheap Train Tickets

Competition among railways, not to mention the airline industry, has made it easier than ever to obtain cheap train travel. Although not as rapid as planes, travelling by train allows you to enjoy the scenery more thoroughly.

Ways to Get Cheap Train Tickets

Schedule your travel during the off season. Summer is the peak time, so tickets will cost more and be harder to get. You should instead travel sometime around autumn/fall. If you plan your spring break early, you can be assured of getting low cost tickets, especially on the Net.

Not only will you get cheaper tickets, but you will also get good deals on food and lodging. The other plus of course, is you can visit those tourist spots without too many tourists.

Visit Online Train Websites

These are good places to look for cheap train tickets and special deals. Make sure you compare the offers from various companies; they are always trying to outdo one another, so you have plenty of choices.

Some train companies also offer tickets at half price if you are bringing kids. Some even waive the fee if the child is two years old and below.

Visit Travel Agent Websites

These sites also offer discounts and specials. What these sites share in common is that the deals encompass several aspects of the trip. It is not just the tickets, but also the lodging.

Purchase train tickets as early as possible. Most train companies release the tickets 12 weeks prior to the scheduled travel date. The earlier you purchase the tickets, the cheaper they will be.

Other Ways to Get Cheap Train Fares

Go to passenger train websites and examine their fare finder capabilities. Using this tool will give you the flexibility to locate the most affordable tickets around.

By expanding the date range for your trip, you lessen travel expenses. This happens because you can select from a wider range of days. Again, do not travel during the peak season as the costs will be high.

Research is the Key

Special deals and offers come in the form of promotional codes, special discounts and more. To make research easier, enter your travel destination and the date. The search engine will return numerous hits. Now you can compare the offers from the various companies.

Other Tips and Hints

Stick with one train service; this will entitle you to ticket discounts and other special deals. Most train companies have a points system of some sort; every time you travel, you rack up points. When you reach a certain number, you become eligible for discounts or freebies.

The rewards can range from gift certificates, items and more. Also check if the company offers discounts for senior citizens, students and war veterans. They usually do, although the rates may differ.

Finding cheap train tickets is actually easier than you may have thought. You just need to do some research on the Web, and you are bound to find a deal that will save you quite a bit of cash.