A country like Canada is highly involved in outsourcing work


Migration is the most common human activity that is taking place in the contemporary age.  People from underdeveloped countries are moving to the platform of developed economy for a better prospect.  Canada is one such destination where the economy is right now rising and is catapult towards making a better future for the people.

There are many organizations which are involved in outsourcing in different industries. People from all over the world are settling down over here and making a productive life with good jobs and decent pay. Starting from IT to FMCG everything is well balanced in the economy Of Canada.

Per- capita income in Canada is also quite high in compare to other places in the United States.  The huge chunk of migration is basically due to the opportunities and the economic welfare.


Recently the government of Canada introduced an effective element which has got a huge fame all over the world.  ETA that is Electronic Travel Authorization is a document that will be provided to the people who all are exempted from getting a Visa. In a nutshell it is a requirement for visa- exempt foreign nationals for transiting through Canada by air.

Important things about ETA

There are certain important things which a person should know about the process of Electronic Travel Authorization. Here, it will be a discussion on who doesn’t need an ETA?

  • Canadian permanent resident- The people who are the permanent resident of the country, do not need at ETA as they have the permanent resident card or PR travel document with them.
  • US Permanent residents- Even the US permanent residents do not need an ETA to travel to Canada. The US Green is the main proof of identity.
  • Students and temporary workers who had received their work permit before August 1, 2015 and is intended to travel to Canada by air needs an ETA.


How to apply for the process of Application?

Now this entire ETA has got a different processing altogether.  People should be aware of the entire application process of ETA. The entire process can be done through ESTA Canada Online.


There is an online form which people needs to fill out in order to get an ETA. This form contains some basic information about the person.   This is the first step towards applying for an ETA. After filling the form an individual needs to make payment for the application process.


The payment can be done through net banking, credit or debit card every individual after filling up this form needs to make a payment of some amount and only after that there will be confirmation on the application.


After the payment is done, people get a confirmation from the ETA authorities within 72 hours. This confirmation means that the application process has been approved.

After these online steps are completed successfully there are two more steps involved and they are


Document verification- This is done in person. This step is very crucial.  A person needs to undergo this document verification stage before getting an approval.


Interview- A personal interview gets conducted in the same manner people gives for Visa. Only after the successful completion of the interview can an individual get the permit of an ETA.

The application process of ETA is not really a complicated one rather quite simple and easy. People just need to follow the stages and make it successful. The e- visa services is also available from the Canadian government.